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Where to Look For Your New Dog

Where to Get a New DogOnce you have gone through all of the responsibilities of getting a new dog with your family, and you’ve come to a decision that everyone is ready for the commitment, it’s time to look at where you can get your new furry friend. As mentioned earlier, the fact that you want to adopt a dog and not purchase one from a dog breeder or pet shop shows that you are dedicated to saving the lives of animals, which already makes you a loving and committed pet owner (to be).

There are a few different options for where to look for your new dog! Before we get into that, it’s important you know not to go wondering the streets for stray dogs. Although there are good intentions involved with saving a dog from the streets, these dogs can be dangerous, or even disease ridden. If you see one in your area that needs saving, it’s best to give a local animal shelter a call, as they are trained to deal with these situations.

Places to get a new dog

When looking at adopting a dog or puppy into your home, consider the following places to get him or her from:

  • Adoption agencies – places such as ‘Save a Dog’¬†and Victoria Dog Rescue have shelters with plenty of animals for adoptions, including cats and dogs
  • Online buy and sell websites – you’d be surprised as to how many dogs are available for adopting on buy and sell websites such as Gumtree and Craigslist
  • Facebook – many people will turn to Facebook to try and find a forever home for pets they are no longer able to take care of. You may find these on your news feed, or in local buy and swap pages

If you’re enquiring about a dog for adoption on any of the above places, be sure to ask about any costs associated in the process and any behavioural issues the dog may have.